Learn how to create an enchanting reception at the Chateau de La Napoule. Woo your guests and create memories of a lifetime.

​The Chateau de La Napoule is one of the most breathtaking venues for events on the French Riviera. Steeped in beauty, class and history it's a perfect backdrop for sophisticated once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.


How will you welcome your guests and how do you want them to feel? The chateau lends itself beautifully to creating a number of different ambiences and scenarios according to your taste, preferences, and budget.

Soft warm lighting accompanied by elegant background music, acoustic musicians, and close-up live performers creates a natural and intimate feel. Pave the way for a real party ambiance by adding more vibrant lighting, upbeat live music, visual attractions and live music between courses.

Often, we notice how guests are simply blown away by the stunning beauty of the setting upon arrival, and if your guests have travelled the world to join your celebration why not make the entire experience spectacular by adding a wow-factor?

Most of us worry about making the right choices. Yet, with the right guidance, creating an enchanting  reception is surprisingly straightforward, and our role is to help you do just that.

As a first step we encourage you to browse through the photos and videos in this guide, to help you decide what experience is best for you.