visual performers

during dinner between courses

entre deux arbres

Here's an aerial performance that needs no complicated structure. The acrobat arrives in an inflatable bubble (not seen in this video) then performs on a bar held by two stilt-walkers. These are local performers who can perform other shows and close-up entertainment at different stages of the event, including balancing acts, close-up magic and  a pixel-poi show with the DJ. 

romantic duo

These are shows that demands strength, stamina and precision, while being a wonderful expression of the beauty and power of the human body.

speed painter

Speed painters can produce exceptional portraits of instantly recognisable faces in one dynamic 10 minute performance. 

france opera

France Opera offer a range of costumed actors and talented performers that would blend perfectly into the setting of the villa to enhance the theme.

erika lemay

Erika is a creator of emotions. Through her limitless body, she has the power and sensibility to express a rich poetry that has won numerous prestigious awards all around the world.

classy dancers

This video shows classy performers from Italy who would offer a full programme of visual performances throughout the entire evening. This could include welcoming guests upon arrival, ambulant entertainment during the drinks reception, visual shows between courses and we would integrate them in the main show after dinner.

moonlight stilts

These are well-priced performers from Italy, who offer an unique an elegant visual show. This could be used either as a stand-alone show, as an appetiser leading into something special. They could also be integrated into the light show after dinner.

gold circle magic

This is no ordinary magician, but one who is considered among the best in Europe for special events. Etienne has performed for VIPs, royalty and celebrities, and is one of very few magicians to be invited to join the select “magic gold circle”.


Arco is a brand new aerial performance, that is unique, stylish and versatile. No permanent structure is needed as the inflatable arch can be inflated in minutes.

birds of paradise

This is a unique 360° aerial ballet show, demonstrating strength, agility, elegance and originality. It has already mesmerized guests in over 700 performances in more than 22 countries.


This is something unusual and highly original. It's a visual show that guests will never have seen before and the characters can be used in a number of ways. I would suggest a short show between courses then to use the characters in our main attraction later after dinner.

led dancers

This is a show that seems to tick all boxes. It is a dance show that features performers inspired by the Cirque de Soleil. It's original, dynamic and with an inspired and creative use of technology and lighting.

flying violin

This is an alternative to the full aerial drum show that might be a technical challenge. It's a violin show with a difference. She can also be accompanied by a flying piano.