something special

for after-dinner


Using music, lighting and the location, the Heliosphere creates the illusion of flying. It takes the guests completely by surprise and it's the most original way of delivering a sword to cut the cake.


Taking the concept of the Heliosphere one step further, this show has two giant helium-filled balloons representing the sun and the moon. The show features aerial performers underneath and symbolises the coming together of 2 bodies.

flying drummers

With powerful drummers, innovative lighting effects and a show tailor-made for the occasion, this would be the most amazing climax to the entertainment outside. It's an incredible show and they are currently available and on hold for you, although we would still need to fine-tune how we could make this work at the villa. 

flying octagon

This may be a more appropriate option from the creators of the Flying Drum show. With fewer artists and a simpler technical set-up it would be easier to integrate into this event.

video mapping

This video shows the effect of video mapping on the façade of the villa. The images and storyline would be entirely personalised for the event. In this video, the mapping effects start around 2 minutes in.

light show

Using clever lighting effects and custom-made gobos we can create unique special effects on the façade of the villa.

shadow dance

This is the most amazing surprise or unexpected gift that will be a major highlight at any event. It is a  stunning visual production with choreographed dance routines and an enchanting story written especially for the occasion.

the flying angel

This has to be seen to be believed ...