classical music

for the entrance, the drinks reception and ceremony 


The harpist adds a touch of elegance during the wedding ceremony. She can perform as a solo artist, as a duet with a violin, cello or flute, or as part of a 7 piece mini-orchestra (4 harps, violin, cello and flute)


The cello/guitar is a great alternative for a ceremony in the Jardin d'Amour.


These are top-class tenor and soprano singers from London who would be disguised as character actors during the guest welcome. For example, they could be dressed as the castle founders, Henri & Marie Clews giving an interesting insight to the castles history, before revealing their true talents later. The tenor singer is also an excellent MC and would dress in a suitable costume to enhance the theme.

msg ensemble

There would be an immediate wow factor. The guests would have a breathtaking view of the chateau and it's gardens, accompanied by a 24 piece classical orchestra playing upbeat classical music. The musicians would play during the ceremony and the drinks reception afterwards.

string quartet

With a repertoire influenced by classical, Hollywood and pop, the Kingswood String Quartet can bring sophistication and a fitting ambience to any event.


Here's a unique twist to end the ceremony with gospel singers and musicians spontaneously joining in “flashmob” style during the recessional. This video show a famous scene from the film "Love Actually".

uso chill-out

The USO Classical Chill Out set is a unique blend of live strings with a professionally produced soundtrack, creating a lusciously rich soundscape of chill-out music.


Ristretto features the highest quality singers and musicians to ensure that everything about the music is perfect, from the selection to the arrangement and, of course, the performance.